July 3 and July 4

We're seeking people who can help with a variety of tasks on either July 3rd and/or 4th. Much of the planning and coordination of tasks has already been done; however, we need an "army" of volunteers to assist in executing the plan. You'll be able to choose a shift and area based on your availability and our need. You may coordinate your choice of such with friends, family, or co-workers; however, each volunteer applicant must fill out the application provided below.

Food Vendors

July 2, 3, & 4

Salute to America welcomes a diverse selection of food vendors to register.  

High Street Vendors

July 4

Two city blocks of merchants, groups, organizations, and businesses representing diverse products and services. 

Heritage Village Exhibitors & Vendors

July 4

Heritage Village is a family friendly collection of all things related to American history. If you have something to display, sell, or demonstrate this is the perfect opportunity to be in front of hundreds of attendees.


Note: If you are a performer we have a separate application form - please see below.

Heritage Village Performers

July 4

Heritage Village is a family friendly collection of all things related to American and Missouri history. In addition to vendors, we also feature historical themed rein-actors, story tellers, and performers.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

July 4

How many hot dogs can you eat? Well we have a contest if you're up for the challenge. It's open to anyone including professional competitive eaters and amateurs. You may be sponsored if desired.

Kid Zone Exhibitors and Vendors

July 4

The Salute to America Kids Zone is all about “kid fun” including entertainment, displays, games, and interactive activities. 


Please note you may also be required to submit a City Temp Business License Application.

Little Mr & Miss Contest

July 3

Costume and personality contest open to any boy or girl 4, 5, or 6 years of age and is a Missouri resident. You can also register onsite, the day of the event.

Performing Arts Demonstrators

July 4

Dance studios, martial art groups, animal demonstrations, gymnastics, etc. are welcome to apply for an opportunity to perform!


July 3

Everyone loves a parade! The Salute to America parade is one of the longest and most well attended events in mid-Missouri. Participation is open to individuals, companies, organizations, politicians, officials, and others.

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